Lounge & Music


Our Lounge offers a uniquely inviting atmosphere. The newly remodeled room, named The Garter after the Shakespearean innkeeper Falstaff’s establishment, (Henry 4th, Merry Wives of Windsor), is filled with comfy couches, and of course, our gorgeous baby grand. Through the doorway is our expansive, custom built mahogany bar.

The Lounge offers late-night fare in a relaxed atmosphere.
View our Special Lounge Menu (subject to change)

Our extensive wine list, for which we have received the Wine Spectator’s “Award of Excellence” and our outstanding selection of Single Malt Scotch and Italian Grappa will surely tempt you! Widen your knowledge and experience one of our “Single Malt Flights”. We also offer personalized tastings of our single malt scotch and bourbon collections. In beers too, we excel – we have a wide collection from as far as Belgium and as close as…the Berkshires!

So come unwind after a show, or plan your entire evening around our live entertainment and delicious menu. Relax and enjoy!


Performance schedule for our Lounge:

We expect a $15 minimum food/beverage purchase per person (excluding lodging/dinner patrons) in our Lounge to help cover the cost of the musicians
Shows begin at 7:30pm and last for 3 hours, with 2 15 minute breaks. No reservations necessary; seating is first come, first choice.

Our Summer Concert/Lecture Series begin at 11:30 am


Friday, August 1st:                            Johnny Segalla & Lisa Maras with Charlie Tokarz

Saturday, August 2nd:                       Paul Green

Sunday, August 3rd:                            Andy Wrba & Ben Kohn

August 3rd, Concert/Lecture:            Harvey Granat: Musical Greats: Irving Berlin

August 4th:                                             David Grover

August 5th:                                            Chris & Blake

August 6th:                                            Jay Messer and Rob Faulkner

 August 6th,  Concert/Lecture:        Jeremy Yudkin: “There’s a Place: How the Music of the Beatles Has Earned its Place in the Enduring History of Popular Song”

August 7th:                                         Rob Kelly & Friends: Elizabeth Harris

August 8th:                                        Jeanne Laurin & John Sauer

August 9th:                                        Paul Green

August 10th:                                      Andy Wrba & Ben Kohn      

August 11th:                                        Michael Musillami: Rich Syracuse; Charlie Tokarz

August 12th:                                        David Glover

August 13th:                                        Richard Boukas with Rich Syracuse

 August 13th, Concert/Lecture:     Martin Bookspan: “My Friends, Aaron Copland & Leonard Bernstein”

August 14th:                                         Rob Kelly & Friends 

August 15th:                                        Sherri Buxton with Bob Shepherd              

August 16th:                                         Paul Green

August 17th:                                          Gipsy Jazz Ambassadors

August 18th:                                          Katherine Anderson with Rob Kelly

August 19th:                                           Marc Irwin 

August 20th:                                          JoAnne Redding with Rob Kelly

August 20th,  Concert/Lecture:        Jeremy Yudkin: “Beauty Beyond Words: The Genius of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart”

August 21st:                                          Rob Kelly & Friends

August 22nd:                                        Michael Musillami: Rich Syracuse; Charlie Tokarz

August 23rd:                                        Paul Green

August 24th:                                        Ted Murray Trio with Dave Bartley & Dan Broad

August 25th:                                        David Glover

August 26th:                                        Katherine Anderson with Rob Kelly

August 27th:                                         Bobby Sweet

August 27th,  Concert/ Lecture :      Jeremy Yudkin: “I Shall Hear in Heaven: Beethoven’s Impact on Two Hundred Years of Classical Music”

August 28th:                                         Rob Kelly & Friends

August 29th:                                         Rob Klein

August 30th:                                       Paul Green