It’s a Dog’s Life


The Norman Rockwell Museum, located less than 15 minutes away from the Gateways Inn, is featuring an exhibit called “It’s a Dog’s Life: Norman Rockwell Paints Man’s Best Friend.”

As explained in the exhibit’s write up, “Throughout Norman Rockwell’s career, dogs of all kinds—from wide-eyed beagles to shiny collies—made frequent appearances in his art. A dog-lover himself, the artist realized how appealing dogs were to readers of the Saturday Evening Post and other publications, and he intentionally cast them as central figures in his compositions for cover paintings, story illustrations, advertisements, and family Christmas cards.

Rockwell’s own canine companions accompanied him to the studio, and sometimes took time out to nap alongside him as he worked. He also borrowed neighbors’ dogs to serve as models, enlisting their owners to assist them in striking a pose. Offering advice to fellow artists, he coached them to portray animals “as carefully and understandingly” as they paint people in their work, and filed away stores of photographic reference for his use. This engaging installation will shed light on Rockwell’s work with man’s best friends through original artworks, photographs, and archival materials that offer insights into his artistic goals and working methods.”

Visit the Norman Rockwell Museum’s website to plan your visit. Better do it soon, though — the installation is only up until November 11, 2011!