90 more reasons to visit Massachusetts!

A big thanks to our friends at Visit New England for this great list of 90 things to do in Massachusetts! Like you needed anymore reasons, right? Well, this list has something for everyone, and even mentions a great to-do right here in Lenox! Venfort Hall, Mansion and Gilded Age Museum is an imposing Jacobean Revival-style mansion built in 1893 with a fascinating history.

As their website explains, “Ventfort Hall was one of the approximately seventy-five so-called ‘Cottages’ built in Lenox in the last century when the village became a popular Gilded Age resort. Located on spacious grounds in the heart of the village, we are continuing its restoration, with the first floor completely open to the public along with many of the rooms on the second floor.  Through lectures, exhibits, theatrical performances and other events, The Museum of the Gilded Age interprets the great changes that occurred in American life, industry, and society during the Nineteenth Century, a fascinating period of American history.”

Make sure this stop makes it to your list of things to see and do next time you visit us!

Ventfort Hall, Lenox, MA