Reasons to Visit the Norman Rockwell Museum


Norman Rockwell MuseumIn an area that has a prominent place in American history, culture, and art, it isn’t hard to find somewhere enriching to visit. One of the places we recommend most for guests of the Gateways Inn to visit is the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge. This Berkshires gem is a treasure trove of art and other ephemera by and relating to the iconic American artist. The Norman Rockwell Museum has so much to offer that you could easily spend the entire day marveling at the masterpieces. Here are just a few reasons you should plan a visit to the museum during your stay.


The Collection

The Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge has the biggest collection of Norman Rockwell original artwork in the world. That makes the museum the ultimate destination for fans of Rockwell’s well-known brand of realism. The collection includes popular works like the famous covers of the Saturday Evening Post. The other famous works include The Problem We All Live With, Christmas Homecoming, The Art Critic, and Girl Reading the Post. And those are just a few of the amazing pieces you can see at the museum. Plan your visit to see them all in person!


If you enjoy the museum, you might also want to visit Rockwell’s studio, which is located in Stockbridge. The studio showcases Rockwell’s personal art library, his art equipment and materials, letters from fans, and much more. For a true fan, a visit to the studio is a must.



Along with the huge collection of Rockwell’s own work, the Norman Rockwell Museum is also home to several special exhibitions of other artists’ work. There are also special series examining Rockwell’s work in different areas and his influence on American culture and the art world. The exhibits change from time to time, and currently there is a wonderful exhibit on Edward Hopper.


The Museum Shop

If you want to bring a bit of Rockwell’s art home with you, there is no better place to find it than the Norman Rockwell Museum Shop. Prints, calendars, books and more are available in the shop, so you’re sure to find the perfect piece, because Rockwell is always in style. Some prints are even signed by the artist himself!


A Gateways Connection!

Another reason you’ll want to visit the Norman Rockwell Museum during your stay with us is that the Gateways Inn has a special connection to the artist. Rockwell used to be a regular diner at the Inn’s Restaurant before his death in 1978. Legend is that if one wanted a sneak preview of the following weeks Saturday Night Post cover, they would have to dine at the Gateways on the previous Thursday evening. Lines were long and reservations strictly limited. We named our private dining room in his honor, since he and his family made the Berkshires their home for many years; it only makes sense that Norman would have frequented this area favorite. Located just 6 miles down the road from us, it is a Berkshires must see destination.



So get the full experience by visiting the Norman Rockwell Museum and then coming back to our Lenox bed and breakfast for great food, entertainment, and elegant accommodations. Have a superb dinner in our Restaurant or opt for lighter fare in the Lounge as you take in some live jazz. When you choose to dine and stay at the Gateways, you’ll not only get the finest in food and accommodations, you’ll be walking in the steps of an American great! Plan your special getaway today!



Photo courtesy Melongrower via Wikimedia Commons.