Check Out These Berkshire Museum Exhibits

Berkshire MuseumIn the Berkshires, there is no shortage of things to do and see. Whether you’re an outdoorsman, an art lover, a music aficionado, a history buff, or any combination thereof, the Berkshires are the perfect destination for your next getaway. At the Gateways Inn, we love the place we call home and are always excited to recommend places for guests to visit. One special place to pay a visit to during your time in the region is the Berkshire Museum in nearby Pittsfield. With fascinating exhibits, amazing collections, and a variety of activities and events to take part in, the Berkshire Museum has something to offer everyone!


Berkshire Museum History

Zenas Crane conceived the idea for the Berkshire Museum in 1903. Crane was inspired by the Smithsonian, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the American Museum For Natural Science. He combined the fields of focus from each of these institutions to create a truly unique and engaging museum experience. Today the Berkshire Museum is a Smithsonian Affiliate and showcases artifacts, artwork, and scientific displays from all over the world. Because of this, the Berkshire Museum has been called a “window to the world.”



Current Berkshire Museum Exhibits

The Berkshire Museum features a changing variety of exhibits ranging from fine art to science and ecology. The Berkshire Museum also features travelling exhibits, giving visitors a chance to see displays that travel the world. Past exhibitions have featured Ansel Adams, American Indian Art, PapwerWorks, and Nature Magified among others. Current exhibitions include natural science, innovation, artworks, and more.


Here’s a full list of the current Berkshire Museum Exhibitions:


I Am Part of Art: A month-long exhibit featuring works by Berkshire residents with disabilities.


Butterflies: Exploration of the Butterfly, the fascination they inspire in us, and a live Butterfly Pavilion with several colorful butterfly species.


Objectify: A Look into the museum’s Permanent Collection


Feignbaum Hall of Innovation: An interactive exhibit that celebrates innovators and innovations with Berkshire origins and gives visitors insight into their worldwide impact.


Berkshire Backyard: Get to know the various habitats, insects, and animals found in the Berkshires.


Dinosaurs & Paleontology: A combination of an impressive fossil display and interactive elements.


Rocks and Minerals: A collection of rocks and minerals from the Berkshires and other parts of the world, including rare specimens.


World in Miniature: Fourteen miniature scenes meticulously crafted to depict global geography and ecology.



Collections at the Berkshire Museum

Along with the changing exhibits, the Berkshire Museum has a permanent collection of artwork and artifacts. The collection is estimated to have between 25,000 and 30,000 objects, many purchased by founder Zenas Crane.



Little Cinema at the Berkshire Museum

Inside the Berkshire Museum is Little Cinema, which showcases independent, art house, and foreign films. This single screen theatre screens one specially curated film each week and is a great place to see films you might not have had the opportunity to see in other places.



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Photo courtesy Berkshiremuseum via Wikimedia Commons.